Slide the Window Up & Down

If checked, the Window is shown near the clock in your taskbar. It will slide up and down when you show and hide the window.

If not checked, the window will have no animation on show and hide.
This option gets automatically unchecked if you move the window around.

Use Alternative Style

If checked, the window will use a darker color theme.

Don't show IP Address

If checked, no IP Addresses are shown on the network adapters.

Show Internet IP Address

If checked, your public IP Address is shown instead of the local/direct one.

This option requires that ‘Don't show IP Address’ is checked.

Fill Graph

If checked, the usage graphs are filled.

Show Process Names

If checked, on network details, the process names are are shown.

If not checked, on network details, a common service name or port number is shown.

Window is Top-Most

If checked, the window is always visible. All other windows are below this window.

Window is Click-Through

If checked and you click inside the window, the click is send to the window below.

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