Protected Mode Device Driver:

IDE, ATAPI, soundblaster, FDC, VGA, NE2000, parallel port, serial port, RTC, keyboard, ALI1543 SMB

Virtual Device Driver:

V86 mode [RealMode calls, booting DOS as guest OS & simple pm support], /dev filesystem, /proc filesystem, pipe support, RAM drive

Full Network Stack:

ethernet, IP, ARP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, HTTP server, FTP server, Telnet server, Time server, QOTD server


·  starting Java binaries in own JavaVM.
·  loading Microsoft® Windows NT© device driver. ‘sparrow.sys’, ‘bootvid.dll’, ‘beep.sys’, ‘null.sys’ and ‘fsvga.sys’ tested.
·  loading Microsoft® Windows© applications. ‘calc.exe’, ‘clock.exe’ and ‘taskmgr.exe’ tested.
·  starting DOS in V86 mode. ‘msd.exe’ and ‘volkov commander’ tested.

Supported Filesystems:

·  VFAT [FAT32/FAT16/FAT12]
·  ext2
·  CD Filesystem [ISO9660/Rock Ridge Extension/Joliet Extension]


·  preemtive multitasking
·  controller enum devices, on which drivers will be mounted
·  drivers are loaded based on PnP id’s
·  every controller is running in a own thread
·  controller, devices and drivers can be loaded/unloaded at runtime
·  io subsystem with irp’s for queueing io requests, asynchronous I/O
·  serial terminal like sgetty
·  memory paging
·  Deferred Procedure Call support
·  PCI, APM, ACPI, PnP Bios, DMI Bios access
·  Mutex support
·  DMA support
·  Filesystem cache
·  virtual multiple screens with different resolutions and scrollback buffer
·  Graphical User Interface ‘WinSZ’ based on messages


·  Extract the zip file in the root of a partition.
·  The directories bin, etc and lib will be created.
·  Boot DOS without EMM386 and start PM_LOAD </ROOT_PARTITION> from a IDE partition with a supported filesystem.
·  </ROOT_PARTITION> is the device which will be mounted as root. Example: /hda1 - IDE primary master HD, first primary partition · /hdd5 - IDE secondary slave HD, first extended partition

If you are interested in a particular problem or in parts of the source code, please send me a mail. Since I’m coding for several years on this os, I don’t publish the whole source code.
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Screenshot of a WinSZ application:

Screenshot of a WinSZ application: