Protected Mode Device Driver:

IDE, ATAPI, soundblaster, FDC, VGA, NE2000, parallel port, serial port, RTC, keyboard, ALI1543 SMB

Virtual Device Driver:

V86 mode [RealMode calls, booting DOS as guest OS & simple pm support], /dev filesystem, /proc filesystem, pipe support, RAM drive

Full Network Stack:

ethernet, IP, ARP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, HTTP server, FTP server, Telnet server, Time server, QOTD server


starting Java binaries in own JavaVM.
loading Microsoft® Windows NT© device driver. ‘sparrow.sys’, ‘bootvid.dll’, ‘beep.sys’, ‘null.sys’ and ‘fsvga.sys’ tested.
loading Microsoft® Windows© applications. ‘calc.exe’, ‘clock.exe’ and ‘taskmgr.exe’ tested.
starting DOS in V86 mode. ‘msd.exe’ and ‘volkov commander’ tested.

Supported Filesystems:

CD Filesystem [ISO9660/Rock Ridge Extension/Joliet Extension]


preemtive multitasking
controller enum devices, on which drivers will be mounted
drivers are loaded based on PnP id’s
every controller is running in a own thread
controller, devices and drivers can be loaded/unloaded at runtime
io subsystem with irp’s for queueing io requests, asynchronous I/O
serial terminal like sgetty
memory paging
Deferred Procedure Call support
PCI, APM, ACPI, PnP Bios, DMI Bios access
Mutex support
DMA support
Filesystem cache
virtual multiple screens with different resolutions and scrollback buffer
Graphical User Interface ‘WinSZ’ based on messages


Extract the zip file in the root of a partition.
The directories bin, etc and lib will be created.
Boot DOS without EMM386 and start PM_LOAD </ROOT_PARTITION> from a IDE partition with a supported filesystem.
</ROOT_PARTITION> is the device which will be mounted as root. Example: /hda1 - IDE primary master HD, first primary partition · /hdd5 - IDE secondary slave HD, first extended partition

If you are interested in a particular problem or in parts of the source code, please send me a mail. Since I’m coding for several years on this os, I don’t publish the whole source code.
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Screenshot of a WinSZ application:

Screenshot of a WinSZ application: