·  Preemtive Multitasking
·  FAT16
·  VFAT [FAT16 with Long File Names from Win95]
·  FAT12
·  virtual screens [multiple, scrollback buffer, different resolutions]
·  different font on every screen and resolution
·  Message System


You can make a Bootdisk or start the kernel under MS-DOS. Not everything works. I’ve no idea what.

Bootdisk MS-DOS
·  Download ZIP file
·  Unpack
·  Insert formated empty FAT disk in drive A
·  copy kernel file "SZ_OS" to drive A
·  run "MAKEB.EXE BOOTCODE" [This will write the BOOTCODE file to the bootsector from drive A]
·  copy the other files also to drive A
·  Boot from drive A
·  Download ZIP file
·  Unpack
·  rename kernel file "SZ_OS" to "SZ_OS.COM"
·  Insert formated empty FAT disk in A
·  copy the other files to A
·  run "SZ_OS.COM"

Keys Function
Alt-F12 Create new text console with shell
Alt-F1 to Alt-F9 Switch between consoles
Alt-F11 Switch to next console
Ctrl-Alt-Gray Plus, Ctrl-Alt-Gray Minus Change resulotion
Ctrl-Alt & Cursor Up, Cursor Down, Pos1, End, Page Up, Page Down, Return move screen view

Cmd Line Result
File_Name Shell waits until program exit
File_Name & Shell returns immediately [Multitasking]
File_Name |Screen_Number Output goes to screen Screen_Number
File_Name |+PID Output goes via messagesystem to Process PID
File_Name |Screen_Number &
File_Name |+PID &


·  If filename or directoryname includes spaces, use " at begin and end.
·  HI-CON is an High Resolution Text Console Driver [132x25/132x43]. This program adds a new console. Start a shell with "shell.com |Screen_Number &" on this new screen.
·  The set_font program accept Raw Font files for 8x8 8x14 8x16 fonts.
·  Try option -? to get help.
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