York::Log all network traffic
Log source, destination and packet size of all network traffic on your network.
Yale::See network adapter usage
See the bandwidth usage of all network adapters. Separated into up and down link. Additional the CPU usage and disk transfer rates are shown.
Homedale::Wi-Fi / WLAN Monitor
Monitor the signal strength of multiple Wi-Fi / WLAN Access Points.
Bennett::Bluetooth Monitor
Monitor the signal strength of multiple Bluetooth devices.
Bedford::Bluetooth Low Energy Device Info
See all Bluetooth Low Energy device properties.
Nassau::See all network connection settings
After start, a small icon near the clock is shown. The tooltip of this icon shows the username, computername and workgroup/domain. Further, for every network adapter, every ip, gateway and dns server address.
PortScan::Scan and identify network devices
Find all active devices on your network. PortScan shows all open ports and information about HTTP, FTP, SMTP, SNMP and SMB.
Netchat::Chat with other users in the same subnet
The program creates a icon near the clock in your taskbar. With a left or right mouseclick you can chat, send your clipboard or transfer a file.
Howard::Outlook.com / GMail / Yahoo / mail.ru / orange.fr / Lotus Notes Email Notifier
Get notified about new mails in your outlook.com, gmail, yahoo, e.mail.ru, orange.fr, IBM / Lotus Notes, virgilio.it and zoho.com inbox.
Royal::Read RSS [Really Simple Syndication] posts
Read posts on RSS feeds. This program checks on startup and periodically for new posts on RSS feeds.
Free Music & Video Downloader::Download mp3 files for free
Download your favorite music from vkontakte.ru, YouTube and others. Just enter the song name and press 'Search'.
Quartz::Dial/Disconnect/Redail internet connection & update DynDns accounts
Dail a connection on startup and if you wanna, redail if this connection will be disconnected. Disconnect after a specified time period. [e.g. 23 hours] Automatic reconnect if specified.
mod_auth_msfix::Apache Module for Windows
This is the compiled version of the 'mod_auth_msfix' module for Apache version 2.x for Windows. I used the source code version 0.2.1 [November 2003]