Read posts on RSS feeds. This program checks on startup, and if you like periodically, for new posts on RSS 0.91/0.92/1.0/2.0/Atom feeds.

You can also import your Google Reader feeds. Use Google Takeout to export Reader settings, extract subscriptions.xml file and drag-drop it into Royal.


RSS Feed Reader

Simply drag-drop the RSS/XML icon from any website to this application, the feed will be automatically added.

Alternatively you can enter a URL or local file into the edit box and press ‘add url’.


Notification Window

If a new post is found, a small window appears and shows you the title of the new post

The application creates a small icon near the clock if minimized.

Version 1.70 · · 263kb · VirusTotal Report
New: TaskBarInfoWidth registry option added History
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Install using package managers:

winget install --id the-sz.Royal -e --forcecontent_copy
choco install royal.portable -y --ignore-checksumcontent_copy

Supported Languages:

Dutch Dutch
English English
French French
German German
Greek Greek
Italian Italian
Polish Polish
Russian Russian
Simplified Chinese Simplified Chinese
Swedish Swedish

Supported Operating Systems:

Windows 11 Windows 11
Windows 10 Windows 10
Windows 8 Windows 8
Windows 7 Windows 7
Windows Vista Windows Vista
Windows XP Windows XP
Windows 2000 Windows 2000
Windows Server Windows Server
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Command line options:

/m Start minimized
/t <seconds> Refresh interval, 0: stay forever
/c Close will minimize instead of close the application


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