Chat with other local users. You can create a fixed user which can be located in another subnet. This user can act as a gateway that connects both NetChat subnets together.
A built-in HTTP server can be used to share pictures and other files.
For users which are currently offline, the message can be left on an FTP server.


The program creates a icon near the clock in your taskbar.
With a mouse click you can chat, send your clipboard or transfer a file.


No Server needed

You don’t need any server. All users are automatically detected.
Version 7.14 · · 376kb · VirusTotal Report
New: Show notification in taskbar with chat message History
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Install using package manager:

winget install --id the-sz.NetChat -e --forcecontent_copy

Supported Operating Systems:

Windows 11 Windows 11
Windows 10 Windows 10
Windows 8 Windows 8
Windows 7 Windows 7
Windows Vista Windows Vista
Windows XP Windows XP
Windows 2000 Windows 2000
Windows NT 4.0 Windows NT 4.0
Windows Server Windows Server
Windows Me Windows Me
Windows 98 Windows 98
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