Prey tracks the location of laptops, phones, and tablets. The program ensures that you can quickly react to unauthorized movements/theft with geofencing.

But Prey also leaves a lot of debris with every update. That debris accumulates and will use an increasing amount of megabytes. This Prey Helper application will clean your system of all that debris that is using valuable space.

Version 1.11 · · 160kb · VirusTotal Report
New: More text files getting removed History
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Install using package managers:

winget install --id=the-sz.PreyHelper -e --forcecontent_copy
choco install prey.portable -y --ignore-checksumcontent_copy

Supported Languages:

Danish Danish
Dutch Dutch
English English
French French
German German
Greek Greek
Italian Italian
Norwegian Norwegian
Portuguese Portuguese
Russian Russian
Spanish Spanish
Swedish Swedish
Turkish Turkish

Supported Operating Systems:

Windows 11 Windows 11
Windows 10 Windows 10
Windows 8 Windows 8
Windows 7 Windows 7
Windows Server Windows Server


Clean your system of old Prey versions

Download Mirrors: