Provider List

If you press the Ctrl or Shift key while selecting a provider, this provider will be selected and all others will be deselected. So you can switch between providers with one mouse click.

Provider List - Select My Favorites

If you press the Ctrl or Shift key while selecting ‘Select My Favorites’, the current provider selection is saved. So you can easily restore your favorite provider selection.

Start external Audio/Video Player

If you press the Ctrl or Shift key while selecting ‘Play’, the default player will be started with the downloaded file.
A Double Click with pressed Shift key onto a downloaded file, will also start the default player.

F3 / Ctrl+F Filter syntax

If you enter multiple words, each word must appear. If the word starts with a - sign, this word must not appear.
You can specify in which part the word must appear with title:, artist: and album:. For example ‘title:Crazy artist:Madonna title:-remix’ will show only songs from Madonna with Crazy in the title, but without the word remix.

Auto Select the Provider

You can specify the provider in the search string: ‘Provider:Search String’
YouTube:Madonna will select ‘YouTube’ and search for ‘Madonna’.

Search String

Most providers support URLs as a search string. You can search for to find the correct Madonna video.

Download Limits

The options ‘Download Size Limit’ and ‘Download File Count Limit’ can be used to start an application after the specified amount of files are downloaded. If Lacey is started with command line option /e, Lacey will close after the limit is reached.

Low Screen Resolution and High DPI Settings

If you have a small screen and set a higher dpi value, the application window maybe too large. You can enable a special mode if you set in the registry at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CompSoft\Lacey the DWORD BigFontLowScreenSize to 1.

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