Additional MAC Address / Vendor mapping

Place oui_add.txt in the same folder as Homedale.exe to specify additional mappings. The format is the same as in oui.txt: E2-F2-FB (hex) Apple.

macOS: Start Homedale for the first time

macOS security settings might prevent starting Homedale.

To start Homedale,
- Control-click (Right Click) the app icon
- Choose Open from the shortcut menu
- Select Open

See for details.

If this is still not working,
- Open System Settings
- Click Privacy & Security
- Scroll down, and click the Open Anyway button.

See for details.

If this is still not working, try to force the usage of Rosetta.
- Select the app's icon in the Finder
- From the File menu in the Finder menu bar, choose Get Info
- In the Info window that opens, check "Open using Rosetta"

See for details.

Icon Colors

Access point is present
Access point is not present
This is the access point your are currently connected to
You are logging the signal graph of this access point on the graph tab

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