Screen Resolution Settings Location

All settings are stored in the registry at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CompSoft\Carroll.
There is each a 32 bit DWORD value for BPP, Width, Height and Frequency. If more than one monitor is present, there are subkeys ‘Monitor x’ and the same values again.

Command line options

/OnlySet Set the video mode only, don’t show the user interface
/OnlyMonitor <0> Change only the specified monitor
/Resolution "<width>x<height> <color deep> <refresh rate>" Example: /Resolution "1024x768 32 60"
/NoTerminalSession Application exits after setting the resolution, don’t keep it running to handle user switching
/Recommended Use highest resolution
/UseStoredResolutionIfPossible Try to use first the stored resolution, if not available use /Resolution option
/Position "<x> <y>" Set monitor position, to change primary monitor, set the secondary monitor to position not 0x0
/IsPrimary Set this monitor as primary monitor
/l <language code> Change user interface language to specified 2 letter language code

Application download links

Instead of the Setup, you can also download the application directly:
Carroll.exe 32-Bit Version
Carroll.exe 64-Bit Version

Download Mirrors: