Version Change
1.21 Selection handling improved
1.20 More ANSI escape sequences supported, serial port reading improved
1.19 Log function fixed
1.18 New terminal rendering engine
1.17 Nordic and NXP serial port detection added, ANSI color handling improved, Per-Monitor DPI support added
1.16 Show USB product name in COM port tooltip
1.15 Hanging fixed
1.14 Return and Backspace no more creating a beep
1.13 Russian translation added by AlexYar
1.12 Flickering removed
1.11 Log file handle is closed if logging is stopped
1.10 Greek and German translation added
1.09 Scroll Lock key support added
1.08 Ctrl+C and Ctrl+Z sending supported now
1.07 New-line-feeds handling improved, serial port reconnect handling improved
1.06 Escape key does not close application
1.05 Search function added
1.04 Option to show time for each line added
1.03 Serial Port unplug/plugin handling improved
1.02 More ANSI commands supported