Version Change
1.33 Dark theme support improved
1.32 Too long menus break into multiple columns
1.31 Dark Theme support added
1.30 Mouse wheel scrolling added, Per-Monitor DPI support added
1.29 Speed improvements
1.28 Folder names are now localized
1.27 Italian translation added
1.26 Russian and Ukrainian translation added
1.25 Arabic translation added
1.24 Ctrl + Menu Item Click opens context menu
1.23 Turkish translation added
1.22 Turkish translation added
1.21 64-Bit Version did not save Auto Update checkbox
1.20 Compatibility issue fixed
1.19 Compatibility issue fixed
1.18 Compatibility issue fixed
1.17 Compatibility issue fixed
1.16 /n command line option added to use narrow menu item height
1.15 /d command line option added to hide commands from the menu
1.14 Spanish translation added
1.13 French translation added
1.12 Settings menu item added, wrong icon bug removed
1.11 Icons are looking better with high DPI settings
1.10 Swedish translation added
1.09 Brazilian translation added
1.08 Hide empty folders, because KB3000850 requires Accessibility and System Tools start menu entry
1.07 Command line options improved
1.06 Few command line options added
1.05 Greek and German translation added
1.04 Minor compatibility issues fixed
1.03 Shutdown menu item will now show the Windows default shutdown dialog
1.02 Special character support improved

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