Version Change
1.27 Graph, Min and Max columns support float values too
1.26 Minor improvements
1.25 Minor improvements
1.24 Options dialog fixed
1.23 Alias editing fixed
1.22 Float byte order adjustable
1.21 High DPI support improved
1.20 Minor improvements
1.19 Scan delay extended
1.18 Command line option to change the user interface language added
1.17 Log support added
1.16 Stop bit selection added
1.15 Multiple devices support added
1.14 Greek translations added
1.13 Save values as csv option added
1.12 Minor bug fixes
1.11 More than 125 registers can be read
1.10 Float value edit support added
1.09 Float value edit support added
1.08 Float value support added
1.07 Window position/size save working again
1.06 Hang on serial port removal fixed
1.05 Search function added

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