Version Change
2.05 tab working better now
2.04 New Alternative tab with a different email checking method added
2.03 Hotmail/Outlook and X/Twitter working again
2.02 Microsoft 365 working again
2.01 Active Tab detection in Chrome working again
2.00 Yandex IMAP fixed
1.99 Report unread email count at custom registry location
1.98 Outlook 365 support added, Folder detection on IMAP with Yandex fixed, Italian translation improved
1.97 Yandex login detection working again, Apple Notification icon added, Laposte support removed
1.96 Yandex login detection working again, Linkedin logout fixed, Chrome existing Tab detection working again
1.95 Yahoo login detection working again, Facebook working again, Chrome existing Tab detection working again
1.94 Windows 7 crash prevented
1.93 Notification window supports Dark Theme
1.92 GMail login working again
1.91 Facebook and GMail working again, Linkedin improved
1.90 Yahoo login working again
1.89 Chrome and Edge existing tab detection working again, LinkedIn working again, Facebook removed
1.88 MailHandler starting with @ sign can specify path to any application
1.87 Italian translation added
1.86 Disable mail check on specific days
1.85 support again improved
1.84 support further improved
1.83 support improved
1.82 login working again
1.81 IMAP folder support added
1.80 Arabic translation added, Already open tab detection for Chrome working again
1.79 IMAP supports now special characters in folder names
1.78 IMAP can now check Gmails special folders too
1.77 Dovecot IMAP server support fixed, new GMail icon
1.76 LinkedIn working again
1.75 Firefox portable version support added
1.74 iCloud IMAP support fixed
1.73 Facebook working again, new Outlook shell icon added
1.72 Yahoo working again, Opera existing tab selection working again
1.71 GMail login fixed
1.70 working again, Check now also working during disabled hours
1.69 Yahoo working again, IMAP folder checking improved
1.68 Yandex and working again, Edge support improved
1.67 High DPI icon fixed
1.66 Custom website address support for Outlook, GMail and Facebook added
1.65 Yahoo working again, new tray bar icon added
1.64 IMAP russian decoding improved, GMail tray bar icon added
1.63 IMAP passwords saved correctly, please close Howard before running the Setup
1.62 MAPI support fixed, no more error message on exit, please close Howard before running the Setup
1.61 MAPI support added, 3rd IMAP tab added
1.60 Czech translation added
1.59 Facebook login detection working again
1.58 Yandex working again, Chrome shortcut pages handling improved
1.57 Yandex working again, IMAP improved
1.56 Outlook and Facebook working again
1.55 Zoho and Outlook working again
1.54 Yandex working again, Outlook improved
1.53 Yahoo, Twitter and Outlook improved
1.52 Second IMAP tab added, GMail login improved, LinkedIn working again, Yahoo improved, Yandex all folders check added
1.51 High DPI support improved
1.50 fixed (however please switch to IMAP tab), LinkedIn fixed
1.49 Select exiting tab instead of opening new tab if specific browser is chosen
1.48 new layout supported
1.47 IMAP and gmail folder names parsing improved
1.46 iNotes support added
1.45 New design support improved, IMAP and gmail folder support improved
1.44 IMAP support added as alternative for and yahoo, option to disable check at specific hours added
1.43 Better working with new Outlook style, option to open instead of added
1.42 Better working with new Outlook style
1.41 Zoho working again, new Outlook login page support added
1.40 New Outlook website support added, Greek translation improved
1.39 Yandex working again, French translation improved
1.38 Russian and Ukrainian translation added by, Dutch translation improved
1.37 Facebook working again, support added, Yahoo improved
1.36 Yandex, Laposte and support added
1.35 working again, static mail list feature added
1.34 LinkedIn invitations support added, working again
1.33 Silence (no notification / sound) option added
1.32 support addded and improved
1.31 User interface has now better performance
1.30 new Yahoo style support added
1.29 new Yahoo style support added
1.28 Zoho multi account support added
1.27 Facebook and Twitter added, Zoho fixed, GMail login more stable
1.26 Russian translation added, several small improvements
1.25 Yahoo working again
1.24 Stability improved
1.23 and Notes support added
1.22 Alternative notification dialog added
1.21 New Hotmail design supported
1.20 Hotmail improved, Polish translation added
1.19 GMail multiple folder check added, Greek translation, Browser selection
1.18 working again
1.17 working again, new sound
1.16 Password re-enter issue fixed, only one last login required
1.15 Blank tray icon issue fixed
1.14 Email reader selection for each provider, hide disabled provider icons in context menu
1.13 Support for and added
1.12 Logitech LCD keyboard support, more languages, more sounds
1.11 GMail and Yahoo email check support added

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