Version Change
2.11 Channel width display improved
2.10 MU-MIMO detection added
2.09 Grouping by MAC addresses added, oui.txt loading working again and 28 + 36 bit support for oui.txt added
2.08 New stream count column, Per-Monitor DPI support added
2.07 Locally administered mac address are shown in gray
2.06 Crash prevented
2.05 SSID and Access Point Name clearly separated and added to Log files
2.04 Korean added, Slovenian improved, Log file headers improved
2.03 6GHz support added
2.02 Frequency Usage Chart colors improved
2.01 MAC Address Vendor detection improved, IE DFS dump added
2.00 New column: Station Count, Channel Utilization shown in Info column
1.99 Password field is using asterix now
1.98 Allow multiple selection of access points to copy values, command line option to load and save all access points as csv file
1.97 Locate by Wigle working again
1.96 Italian translation added
1.95 Slovenian added
1.94 802.11ax support improved
1.93 /gps_baud_rate command line option added
1.92 Currently connected AP icon behaviour fixed
1.91 Log all rssi values down to graph min value
1.90 Frequency usage chart improved, load APs from CSV added
1.89 Press space key to deselect current AP, Specification column added, Frequency usage chart channel list updated, Log files are now UTF8
1.88 OWE encryption added
1.87 160 MHz channel detection improved
1.86 Norwegian translation added, Dot-chart improved
1.85 Access point details dialog added
1.84 Filter improved, play sound if filter matches an access point
1.83 Frequency Usage Charts supports filtering now, Memory and CPU usage optimized
1.82 Connect / Disconnect command line option added
1.81 Signal Quality column added
1.80 Channel width column added
1.79 Recommended channel logic improved
1.78 French translations updated
1.77 Log File Names contain date/time now, CSV is better formatted
1.76 Sorting improved, support for < and > signal strength in search filter added
1.75 Status column added
1.74 Note shown in graph and log, MAC vendor detection improved with help from Juergen
1.73 Polish translation added by
1.72 New command line option to append to existing log instead of deletion
1.71 Highlight selected AP in graph
1.70 Channel added to log file, /i /h command line options added for minimize to system tray
1.69 /m command line option fixed
1.68 High DPI support improved, Command line option for unix time stamp added
1.67 Command line option to filter output added
1.66 High contrast mode improved
1.65 faster download of oui.txt, minor user interface fixes
1.64 More vendor names shown for MAC addresses, sorting fixed, frequency graph usage fixed
1.63 Signal graph fixed
1.62 Stability improved
1.61 Vendor and SSID strings in log file are now in quotation marks
1.60 Russian and Ukrainian translation added by, Greek improved
1.59 Notes for each access point now possible, signal graph can be drawn as lines or with dots
1.58 5GHz 80/160MHz info added, Channel usage supports 5GHz now, Connect to WPA Enterprise support added
1.57 /s and /m now support comma separated list of access points
1.56 Frequency usage tab added
1.55 is working again to locate access points
1.54 Swedish translation added
1.53 Brazilian translation added
1.52 enabled WPS is displayed now
1.51 Log contains now network card vendor too
1.50 Windows XP Access Point names fixed
1.49 Open WLAN Map geolocate added, GPS NMEA support added, new command line options added
1.48 Mozilla geolocate working again, Locate by WiGLE added
1.47 Location map shows accuracy too
1.46 Greek translation added
1.45 Mozilla Location Service working again, Portable mode again improved
1.44 Portable mode improved
1.43 Chinese translation added
1.42 French translation added
1.41 Remove Access Point context menu option added
1.40 Locate yourself using Google Geolocation and Mozilla Location Service
1.39 if portable.dat file is present, portable mode is used
1.38 Portable version feature added, Signal graph is shown for each access point
1.37 Enable / Disable adapters, connect to not-broadcasting ap working, better multiple ap with same name support
1.36 Multiple wlan adapter better supported

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