Version Change
1.47 min_size, file_delete and default_handling functions added
1.46 file_read_text will no more return the UTF-8 BOM
1.45 fscommand file_append and file_append_text added
1.44 Simplified Chinese translation added, Assets folder added recursive
1.43 Italian translation added by Cris Bonis from Italy
1.42 French translation added
1.41 Helper.ocx deletion on program exit improved
1.40 Support @assets at the end of the file name to access files in the assets folder, enable Flash.ocx to continue working
1.39 Helper.ocx gets automatically loaded if present, versionGet command added, open url in browser support added
1.38 prevent context menu in real full screen window
1.37 faster startup, /UseFlashContextMenu command line option added
1.35 New fscommand: select_file, clipboard_set, clipboard_get and directory_create, New ExternalInterface: webUpload, selectFile and clipboardGet
1.33 Window style 'Titlebar without maximize button' added
1.32 real_exec_hidden / real_exec_and_wait / real_exec_and_wait_hidden commands added
1.31 Width/height option added, Cursor.ani support added
1.30 High DPI support improved, external OCX option added
1.29 Timing further improved
1.28 Timing improved, web_download and web_upload added, file_read_text and file_write_text added with UTF-8 handling
1.27 Registry read/write support improved, File find support added, no titlebar / no window frame option added, environment strings in path support added
1.26 File read/write support improved, Greek translation updated
1.25 File read/write support added
1.24 Splash screen can be png with transparency too
1.23 Splash screen can be png file format too
1.22 commandline command added
1.21 always_on_top command added, getOrientation/getAutoRotation/orientation added
1.20 Helper.ocx on read-only media support added
1.19 Shell icon support added, only one instance option added
1.18 1.18 showContextMenu(), middleButtonPressed(), getAssetsFolder() and setting read/write added, high fps support fixed
1.17 Greek translations added
1.16 Set title and disable context menu option added
1.15 Background color can now be every color
1.14 Transparent background with TextField improved
1.13 Black background support added
1.12 fscommand("fullscreen","min"); added
1.11 drag-drop support added, context menu with exit function added
1.10 Command line options added
1.09 Full screen white background option added
1.07 Fullscreen display improved

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