Version Change
2.23 Multi-Language support improved
2.22 Compatibility improved
2.21 Ghostscript engine updated, AdditionalParameters ini option added
2.20 Multiple printer support working again
2.19 Simplified Chinese translation added
2.18 Surface Pro X / ARM64 support added
2.17 User interface language can be selected in ini file
2.16 Italian translation improved
2.15 *MACHINE_NAME*, *MACHINE_IP* and *USER_NAME* are now available in FileTemplate, LaunchViewer=2 forces execution of LaunchCommand, even on remote printing
2.14 Korean translation added
2.13 Arabic translation added
2.12 Watermark Doro.ini option added
2.11 Turkish translation added
2.10 Slovak translation added, LaunchCommand option supports now multiple commands, sendmail option improved
2.09 Hungarian translation added, Environment variables can be used in LaunchCommand option
2.08 Multi doro printer support added, sendmail function improved, minor user interface improvement
2.07 Russian and Ukrainian translation added by
2.06 Color conversion and page rotation option added, compatibility improved
2.05 Windows XP append and overwrite option added, more Doro.ini options added
2.04 Czech translation added
2.03 Encrypted PDF file append error handling improved
2.02 Brazilian translations added, PDF file append error handling improved
2.01 "Can't create file" error fixed
1.99 Additional pdf view options in the ini file added
1.98 Swedish translation added
1.97 Windows 98 crash fixed
1.96 Special characters in file name is working again
1.95 Fast Web View ini file option added
1.94 Meta data compatibility with Acrobat Reader improved
1.93 Unicode characters in PDF info now supported
1.92 Select file format in save dialog, TIF output creates multi-page TIF files
1.91 Windows 98 compatibility issue fixed
1.90 Two encryption related Doro.ini options added
1.89 New Doro.ini options added
1.88 Remote printing improved, Catalan and Occitan translation added
1.87 Danish translation added
1.86 Greek and italian translation added, filename template ini option added
1.85 Norwegian translation added, ReducedUI option improved

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