Version Change
1.31 Command line support improved
1.30 French translation added
1.29 Greek translation added, Setup improved
1.28 Russian translation added by AlexYar, Italian added
1.27 Select Stretch or Center screen mode
1.26 Hide more uncommon screen resolutions per default
1.25 Screen stretching enabled
1.24 Don't change resolution if not needed
1.23 Error message fixed
1.22 Enable/disable monitor function added
1.21 Coloring of listview background improved
1.20 Option added to show all refresh rates
1.19 Save and restore icon positions
1.18 Show low refresh rate resolutions if no higher one is available
1.17 Commandline option added to set position and primary monitor
1.16 Multi monitor support improved
1.15 Command line options added
1.14 Command line options added
1.13 Minor improvements

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