Version Change
1.60 Cleanup code fixed
1.59 High DPI support improved
1.58 High DPI support improved
1.57 Windows 10 fixed, command line option for details list export added
1.56 Large picture preview added
1.55 High contrast mode improved
1.54 Log command line added
1.53 Refresh command line added
1.52 Column Sum of GdiSharedHandleTable added
1.51 Delta highlight in main and details view, Save details as text file added, Log to CSV file added
1.50 No more hanging
1.49 Minor Bugfixes
1.48 VirtualQueryEx method added
1.47 Minor bug fixed
1.46 high pid values supported
1.45 UserHandleTable improved, Source Tab added
1.44 Limit details to 4000 hDC

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