Seaside::Start multiple Skype sessions


Start multiple Skype sessions

Login into Skype with multiple Skype and Microsoft/MSN accounts. You are signed-in with multiple Skype and Microsoft/MSN accounts at the same time.
When Windows starts, for each of your configured accounts one Skype application is started and automatically logged in.

Use multiple Skype and Microsoft/MSN Accounts

Seaside Multi Skype Launcher run multiple Skype instances on the same computer simultaneously.


Easy configuration

You can configure as many Skype accounts as you want.
Version 1.31 · · 732kb · VirusTotal Report
New: Support for Skype 8.51 added History
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Supported Languages:

English English
German German
Greek Greek
Hungarian Hungarian
Japanese Japanese
Portuguese Portuguese
Russian Russian
Swedish Swedish
Ukrainian Ukrainian

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Command line options:

/s Start skype with all accounts, this option must be the last command line option
/s <profile> Start skype with specified account, use 'Microsoft' for microsoft account
/f <path> Specify skype path
/d <3> Delay in seconds after starting a skype instance
/i <0> Initial delay in seconds before starting anything
/u <language code> Change user interface language to specified 2 letter language code
/p or portable.dat file is in same folder, use portable version, save settings in Seaside.ini

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