mod_auth_msfix::Apache Module for Windows
This is the compiled version of the ‘mod_auth_msfix’ module for Apache version 2.x for Windows. I used the source code version 0.2.1 [November 2003]. For details see
You need this module in order to use WebDav from Windows XP. Anyway, Windows XP SP2 doesn’t allow Basic Authentisation over HTTP. You must use SSL/HTTPS to be able to use WebDav from Windows XP SP2.
The following lines must be added to the ‘httpd.conf’:
LoadModule auth_msfix_module modules/
AuthMSFix on
AuthMSFixOnHeader User-Agent "Microsoft.*Webdav"
AuthMSFixMatch "^.*\\\\(.*)$" "$1"
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Version 1 · 3kb · VirusTotal Report
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