Flash Builder/Flash Player::Convert SWF file into
borderless & translucent EXE application
Convert any SWF flash movie file into an executable Windows exe file [SWF 2 EXE]. The executable has no standard windows border and supports translucency.
Create automatically autorun.inf for CD-ROM autostart function.
Set your own application icon for a distinct look.
A JPG file as splash screen can be shown.

Your personal vCard

Download the flash project, adjust the text in the last frame and simple action script in the first frame.
Then convert the SWF file into an exe application with FlashBuilder.

Advanced FSCommand functions

For a full list, please see the FAQ.
 executes a file which is in the same directory as the executable
fscommand("set_title","Window Title");
 sets the window title
 exit the flash
fscommand("position","100x200 300x400");
 set position and size, ommit second part if no resize is needed

Irregular windows size

The window can have any shape. Even animated shapes are supported. You can also add a shadow.
You can Download the sample project.
Free Download FlashBuilderSetup.zip Free Download FlashBuilderSetup.zip
Version 1.33 · · 783kb · VirusTotal Report
New: Window style 'Titlebar without maximize button' added History
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FlashBuilder.exe supports several command line options:
/i <icon.ico> specify optional icon file
/s <splash.jpg> specify optional splash screen picture
/a create autorun.inf
/w create white background
<file.swf> input file name

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